Author : Sytze Steenstra
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Publisher : A&C Black
ISBN : 9780826441683
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 313 page

This is the first book to offer a full account of Byrne's sprawling artistic portfolio.

Author : Dianne Brizendine
Genre : Religion
Publisher : WestBow Press
ISBN : 9781973600985
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 56 page

I was so hungry and thirsty for more of God.I would rise up early every morning just to be with Him. This book is about seeking God and allowing Him to reveal Himself to me in a greater way. I wanted to know Him not just know about Him. I would journal in the early morning hours and in the process of that journey the book just unfolded. It caused me to develop a greater capacity for a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit. If you will prepare a place for Him, He will come!!!!

Author : Pivot
Genre : Business & Economics
Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency
ISBN : 9781951530457
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 218 page

For readers of The Celestine Prophecy, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Reality Check was written for everyone else who knows that we’re on the verge of pushing Mother Nature and the economy to the breaking point. Reality Check shows the urgent need to reverse humanity’s downward spiral by undoing the status quo. Half the book is filled with quotes from the likes of Chomsky, Sagan, Carlin, Goodall, Soros, Orwell, Asimov, Hegel, William James, Sting and the Beatles, as well as some of the most popular TV shows and movies. This over-the-top attempt to avert an “evolutionary crash” hopes instead to turn the situation into an “evolutionary bounce” by galvanizing members of the so-called “choir” who already understand that the status quo needs to be revamped. Otherwise, civilization as we know it won’t last much longer. The book addresses everything from parenting to economics, political systems to global warming and general environmental destruction, as well as sociology, history and God. It’s time for a reality check! What are you waiting for?

Author : Stephen Trujillo
Genre : Philosophy
Publisher : Magic Kingdom Dispatch
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 227 page

A revelation on cosmogony, quantum physics, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra, the Apocrypha, Kabbalah, the Western Mystery Tradition, dreams within dreams and multiverses without end. By the author of A Tale of the Grenada Raiders, Metamorphosis and the forthcoming Tales of the Rangers. Magic Kingdom Dispatch Stephen Trujillo is a writer in Bangkok.

Author : Dalton Conley
Genre : Sociology
Publisher : W. W. Norton
ISBN : 039365639X
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : page

Revised edition of the author's You may ask yourself, [2015]

Author : Shimon Edelman
Genre : Psychology
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 9780195320671
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 628 page

In a culmination of humanity's millenia-long quest for self knowledge, the sciences of the mind are now in a position to offer concrete, validated answers to the most fundamental questions about human nature. By analyzing the tasks facing any sentient being that is subject to stimulation and a pressure to act, Shimon Edelman identifies computation as the common denominator in the emerging answers to all these questions.The account given in this book is accessible, yet unified and rigorous, and the big picture he presents is supported by evidence ranging from neurobiology to computer science. This book should be read by anyone seeking a comprehensive introduction to cognitive psychology.

Author : Fred R. Shapiro
Genre : Reference
Publisher : Yale University Press
ISBN : 9780300205978
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 1164 page

A revised and updated edition of an essential reference book filled with more than twelve thousand famous quotations

Author : Anita Houghton
Genre : Medical
Publisher : CRC Press
ISBN : 9780429533402
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 166 page

If you work through this book I can guarantee that by the end of it two things will have happened - you will be in a much better position to plan and execute your future career and you will feel a lot better than you do now This user-friendly guide will help health professionals take control of their careers. By involving the reader in a personal journey of positive reflection the book focuses on abilities enjoyment and personal satisfaction in the workplace then based on this new-found knowledge offers advice on practical ways forward. Know Yourself is unique in using two types of therapeutic approaches to self-development; understanding the relationship between job satisfaction and personality type based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and understanding how both external indicators and internal thought patterns contribute to career problems using the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Every healthcare professional who may be dissatisfied with some aspects of their work or work/life balance and will find this book inspirational and potentially life changing. It will also be of use to career advisors and counsellors.

Author : Greil Marcus
Genre : Social Science
Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN : 9781466804227
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 336 page

From the author of Mystery Train and Lipstick Traces, an exhilarating and provocative investigation of the tangle of American identity "America is a place and a story, made up of exuberance and suspicion, crime and liberation, lynch mobs and escapes; its greatest testaments are made of portents and warnings, biblical allusions that lose all certainty in the American air." It is this story of self-invention and nationhood that Greil Marcus rediscovers, beginning with John Winthrop's invocation of America as a "city on the hill," Lincoln's second inaugural address, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech about his American dream. Listening to these prophetic founding statements, Marcus explores America's promise as a New Jerusalem and the nature of its covenant: first with God, and then with its own citizens. In the nineteenth century, this vision of the nation's story was told in public as part of common discourse, to be fought over in plain speech and flights of gorgeous rhetoric. Since then, Marcus argues, it has become cryptic, a story told more in art than in politics. He traces it across the continent and through time, hearing the tale in the disparate voices of writers, filmmakers, performers, and actors: Philip Roth, David Lynch, David Thomas, Allen Ginsberg, Sheryl Lee, and Bill Pullman. In The Shape of Things to Come, the future and the past merge in extraordinary and uncanny ways, and Marcus proves once again that he is our most imaginative and original cultural critic.

Author : Marleen Rita Duckhorn
Genre : Poetry
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 9781462849819
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 155 page

The author hopes this latest collection of poems, "Say Yes To Time", will reveal a positive approach to life, to say "yes" to the evolution of everything. "We have come a long way since the Big Bang and we have so far to go", is her pep talk. We all need to compose on the canvas of existence together, in the very best way our understanding will allow. After publishing her eight books of poetry (Red Daughters in a Foreign Spotlight, Soul Beans, Zoom Lens, Double Decked Nature, Gravel Pit on the Moon, Rocks on the Road, Poems of Gratitude, and Written Rhythms of Space Travel and Earthly Things), the author, Marleen Rita Duckhom, has written yet another moving forward masterpiece, "Say Yes To Time". In this volume of poems, she includes many topics but she resists calling them anecdotes. Although there may be a method to her madness, she may be conveying a message to share her positive approach to looking at our aging solar system and galaxy and arrange that prospect to an evolving perspective of ourselves while we're still here. It is an interesting journey requiring light-hearted attendance in the class called outer space.